Class Schedule
Seeds Yoga™: vinyasa flow class plus Seeds inventory 

Prose+Pose: vinyasa plus book club 
Exercise your body and your brain with a combo book club and yoga class. No time to read the book? No worries! Join us for the conversation to get the gist. Leave energized and informed.

Past discussions included the The Science of Yoga by William Broad:

Calling all yoga teachers, trainees and students for a discussion of how to offer safe yoga and avoid injury. Join Jenny Zenner and Tracy Weber for a discussion of William Broad's book, The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards. Tracy is the founder of Whole Life Yoga in the viniyoga tradition. She will discuss what led her to viniyoga and the foundations of her teacher training program. Jenny, the founder of Seeds Yoga will lead the discussion of the first half of the book (chapters 1-4), a light asana practice and share her own story of getting dropped on her head like a pogo stick in a weekend workshop. We will follow on July 19th with a discussion of the second half of the book focusing on what science shows yoga can do for good. Space is limited so reserve your seat ASAP.

Style: Vinyasa flow--standing and seated poses, moving along with your breath, staying in each pose typically for 5-10 breaths with options for varying levels. At the onset of each class, I take requests, gauging what will be best for individuals in the group. We close with guided meditation integrating the SEEDS personal inventory (Sleep, Eat, Engage, Dance, Smile).

Skill Level: All Levels. For those who currently are physically active but might be yoga beginners through advanced. 

Interested in Seeds Yoga™ at your location? Contact Jenny to book an 8 session series or weekend intensive.